Creative Projects are now due at the end of the day on Tuesday, 12/19! Hope this is good news!

Due 12/12: 1984 ASC

1. 1984–Complete the novel for Monday’s class. We will spend time in pairs crafting discussion questions and then wrap up a discussion of the novel.

2. ASC–Creative Project due dates:

12/14 for 1A and 2A

12/19 for 4B

In grading the visual bit I am expecting to see the product of deep thought (thematic understanding), extraordinary effort, and creative effort.

The following will be considered when assessing the creative project:

  1. Project’s visual impact (The visual should be aesthetically pleasing…more simply, it should look amazing)
  2. The project should be informed by your research. It should reflect knowledge and understanding.
  3. Project is thoughtful (The visual should be so thoughtfully and carefully created so as to carry your commentary/message.)
  4. Project is well-designed/executed
  5. Project reflects exceptional effort.

VERY IMPORTANT: The visual alone should communicate the commentary/message. You should not have to rely on words! This is not to say that you cannot have language woven into the visual.

Remember, the final two precis are due Tuesday (12/12) by the end of the day.

Precis Extension


Due 12/8: 1984 and ASC

1. 1984–Read and annotate Chapters 3 and 4.

2. ASC–Final two precis due Friday by the end of the day.

Due 12/4: 1984 and ASC

1. 1984–Read and annotate Chapter 1 of Part III (up to p. 239). There may or may not be a quiz on the reading; it’s up to Diego (just kidding).

2. ASC–Your first Precis is due! Remember, you must give me a HARD COPY of the precis in class Friday. Do not send it to me electronically. Other things to keep in mind:

  • Precis should be single-spaced
  • For every 4 or 5 pages of source material, you should have one precis page
  • Heading should be single-spaced in the upper left corner:

Your Name
English 4B

Use only the above for your heading.

  • Your precis should have a centered title and it should be formatted as follows:
    Precis: (Title of Source Article)

Follow all other precis guidelines previously posted.

3. Class Forum–Post links to the class forum. Keep in mind:

  • Post to  the appropriate class forum. So, if you are in 2A, post a response to the thread started in that forum.
  • Post your links as Replies to the thread entitled “2. Precis Source Links.” DO NOT START A NEW THREAD! 🙂
  • Please DO NOT post multiple responses to the thread; rather, just add links to your initial response as you decide on them (click edit to do that). Again, DO NOT POST MULTIPLE RESPONSES TO THIS THREAD.
  • Also, please indicate prior to each link which precis it is connected to.