Due 9/14: Class Forum

Hello folks! The first week is almost in the books. If all goes as planned, I will see you on Monday and this class really begins! It is imperative that you have taken care of all responsibilities by then. This includes:

  • Registered for the website
  • Posted a response in the Welcome thread on the class forum
  • Completed the in-class essay
  • Read the course syllabus
  • You should have supplies for the class

Tomorrow, you will do the following:

Day 5: Existentialism is a Humanism Discussion

Please be sure to have a printed copy of your forum response in front of you. During this period, discuss each of the four reproaches and Sartre’s response to those reproaches. DO NOT get into a critical discussion until you think you have great control of his argument. Leave your printed response with the Sub at the end of class.

HW: Class Forum–Remember you must post by midnight before the next class period (in preparation for Thursday’s class)! AND REMEMBER TO BRING A PRINTED COPY OF YOUR RESPONSE IN TO CLASS. The responses should be added to the reading response section of your binder. Be sure to include the heading and title each printed response.

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