Dear Lusher Parents and Students,

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and give you a sense of what you can expect over the course of the next seven months.

My name is Sean Leon. In 2002 I moved to NYC to join the NYC Teaching Fellowship. After teaching four years at a middle school in the Bronx, I was offered and accepted a high school English position at The Beacon School in Manhattan. Over the course of my eleven years at Beacon, I have taught English 9, 10, and 12 (English 10 and 12 for nine years). Interestingly, Beacon allows teachers to design their own senior English electives so I created and taught an Existential Lit course (imagine the good times in that class) and a Poetry Seminar course.

Alas, the end is built into the beginning. Over time, a dizzying homesickness and family duty called me home to Louisiana, to Lusher, to you.

Now, sitting in a Lusher classroom typing this note to you, I realize that the transition for your child may be difficult. Ms. Chellin is an amazing educator who cares deeply for her students. They know this and consequently, have great appreciation for her.

So, I thought I would take some time and words to give you a sense of what to expect this year so that you may rest easy.  My classroom is a place where literature, vocabulary, and grammar/style instruction are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum. It is a place where my students come to understand that great writing must be not only clear and concise, but also purposeful, powerful, and elegant. To this end, writing and its instruction are conscious and deliberate processes rooted in close examination of student writing as well as the writing of the greats whom we read throughout the year. As the year progresses students will develop control/mastery over the content, style and mechanics of their essays. They will be expected to pay as much attention to the nuances of writing (i.e. diction, syntax) as the argument. Don’t fret; I will teach you to that end! [Read more…]


1. Tonight you should register for the class website, Blackboarddreams.com. To do this, you must scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click “Register.” Your username should be your Full Name (First and Last).  Leave a space between your first and last name! No funky, cute nicknames. Only first name (capitalize first letter) and last name (capitalize first letter). Be sure to register by midnight tonight. I will shut down registration at that point.

HW12G: PBA Presentation

Everything you need to know about your PBA! During the actual 20 minute presentation, each student will share High School poem. After each reading, students will be expected to briefly discuss shared poems. While I am interested in hearing your holistic thoughts on the piece, I also expect to hear nuanced observations about the poem (i.e. language, style, rhythm, figures, etc).  You must comment on at least two of the shared poems.

The following should be stapled together and in this order:

  • Villanelle
  • Confessional
  • Artifact
  • Beat
  • Dream Sonnet
  • Transcendental/Romantic
  • Mimic
  • Double Consciousness
  • Essence
  • High School

Immediately following the original ten poems above you should include the following from your contribution to your group project:

  • Poet Biography
  • Poem (This should be the poem that you explicated)
  • Explication
  • Original Poem


  • Put the heading ONLY on the first page (i.e. Villanelle). Remember, the heading should be your name, Poetry Seminar, date of presentation, and type of poem (i.e. Beat Poem). The heading should be single spaced.
  • Starting with the second page, place page numbers in the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Times New Roman or Arial, font size 12.
  • Double Space everything except for the heading on the first page.

HW10B: PBA Rubric

ENGLISH 10B ANNOUNCEMENT–Considering we have 20 minutes to be split among three students, your opening presentations should be 1-2 minutes (closer to 1). Sorry for the confusion!

1. PBA Rubric [Read more…]

HW10E and 10H: PBA Cover Letter


1. PBA Cover Letter: Due the day of your presentation! This only applies to 10E and 10H. So, you will have the following when you come in for your presentation:

  • Cover Letter
  • Index cards or notes showing that you have prepared for your opening 2-3 minute presentation.
  • Copy of your essay for YOU to refer to during the presentation.

Failure to have any of the above means you are not prepared for your presentation.
2. PBA Rubric

3. REMEMBER–If you have any books, be sure to bring them in when you come in for your presentation!