Among the Roses by J.K.

Among The Roses

Among the roses an old woman lay

Reclined in her chair, weathered and frail

Her wispy, thin fingers trembling lightly

As she reached past her armrest to stroke a lone bud


Nearly bound to the chair, she took the sun in

And lay there while it arced its way over.

How much she appreciated reclining in her garden,

For she no longer moved as she had long before


When she did feel well enough to lay with the roses

She made sure the moment did not slip away

And she let the peace rise and engulf her whole body

Burdened by nothing, just admiring the flowers sway.


But there sulked in the background one person besides her

Among the pure roses, but not truly perceiving

While the first one grew tired and sought comfort in rest,

The second one wished to be constantly moving


Much stronger she was, more able, more bustling

Excited by youth to branch out and discover

Yet when the time came to sit down and reflect,

The restlessness lurked, and her boredom grew.


“Adventure is needed to provide stimulation,

How else would I grow?” she pleaded and crooned

She had no greater fear than to stop and lose passion

The force that so far had made her life bloom


But when she lay with the wise one, looked behind her grey eyes,

A twinkle appeared that she recognized clearly

She followed the gaze and look for what caused it

And there were those roses, perfect in their simplicity.


She finally paused, her eyes wide at the splendor–

There was no ennui, no more dullness in sight!

Instead she saw with clarity, the unity and the beauty

That had enveloped the roses till they had reached maturity


So she traded anxiety for a place besides grandma,

Stretched out towards the sun and dug her toes in

And among the roses together they lay,

Permitting the keen flowers to count the seconds in their place.

Poem by J.K.

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