HW due 4/5: Dickinson and More

1. 20-30 minutes of free write poetry in your journal!

2. Read and annotate the following Emily Dickinson poems:

I Felt a Funeral, in my Brain
My Life had Stood–A Loaded Gun
Success is Counted Sweetest

3. Poetry Presentations–Remember, all groups should meet with me at least once the week before they present. Next Thursday, we have a presentation on Imagism. Please print out and read the the guidelines for the oral and written (<- click the links) presentations.

4. Poet Study–Your PBA for this class will be a poet study. Here you will find a list of poets to choose from. This will be first come first serve. So, as soon as you know which poet you would like to study, let me know. Details of the PBA to come soon.

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