HW10: Satire/Parody Project and 1984 Final Draft

1. You are responsible for assigning your own homework over the next couple of days prior to The Alchemist. Key Deadlines:

  • Parody/Satire Term Finals–Monday, Jan. 27th!
  • 1984 Final Draft–Wednesday, Jan. 22!

Important: Both the essay and the project count as “project/essay” grades, %35 of your overall grade. It is imperative that you put your best creative/thoughtful foot forward and marry that to exceptional effort.

The following will be considered when assessing the satire/parody project:

1. Project’s visual impact (The visual should be aesthetically pleasing…more simply, it should look amazing). Many of you are making films! Be thoughtful/creative in how you compose each shot and how you edit the film.

2. The project should demonstrate control of satire and/or parody.

3. Project is thoughtful. Beyond the visual element, the written element should also reflect great thought on subject and form.

4. Project is well-designed/executed.

5. Project reflects exceptional effort.  This one is very important as I (and my fellow assessors) expect to see a project that “took time and effort” to complete.

6. All projects are expected to employ irony as one of the primary figurative elements to carry the project’s purpose/message. Be thoughtfully/creatively ironic!

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