HW10 due 12/12 (12/13 for 10G): Peer Editing

1. 1984 Essay–Thoroughly edit your peer’s essay paying particular attention to the points of focus. Yet, do not ONLY pay attention to the points of focus. Remember, you will be graded on your editing job. Be sure to give constructive feedback (Meaning simply pointing out problems is not good enough. Offer up suggestions for improvement).
2. Class Vocab #3–Print out and bring to class!

A heads up on the weekend’s homework. Due Monday (Tuesday for 10G)!
3. Slaughterhouse Five–Read and annotate up to p. 107
4. Goodreads–Remember to bring a printed copy into class.

REMINDER: 10G be sure to have Chapter 3 read for tomorrow! Also, have the forum response completed by midnight tonight.

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