Archives for December 11, 2017


Creative Projects are now due at the end of the day on Tuesday, 12/19! Hope this is good news!

Due 12/13: Butterflies Question

1. Butterflies–Based upon Chapter 9, craft one question for class discussion on Wednesday. While the question is born out of Chapter 9, it would be idea if its answer requires us to consider the novel at large. Be thoughtful here. Also, I will collect your copy of Butterflies in class on Wednesday to grade annotations for Chapters 1-9. Be sure to have it in class! You will get it back at the beginning of class on exam day.

2. Personal Narratives are due this Friday!

  • They should be 4-6 typed, double-spaced pages.
  • Single-spaced heading in the upper left corner (your name, English 1B, 12/15/17)
  • Be sure to include a title (Be creative…Do not use “My Personal Narrative”)
  • Page numbers in the lower right corner of each page.

3. Be sure you have posted your Butterflies paragraph to the class forum.

4. Reading over the break: Chapters 10 and 11 of Butterflies.