HW10, Due 9/26 (9/27 for 10G)

1. Read and explicate Daddy.  Be sure to print out this poem and bring it to class.  Explicate the poem on the printed page.  More than any author thus far, the writer’s life (context) is key to fully understanding her work. An explication entails a more detailed break down of a piece of literature (i.e. line by line).

2. Post the final draft (the one you turned in) of your paragraph on the Goodreads forum.

3. (10H) During the last 11 minutes of class I had you analyze “Lady Lazarus” and answer the thematic thesis questions:

  • What subject/topic is Plath exploring?
  • What is her commentary on that subject?
  • How do you know that? (Consider what devices develop the theme. How do they work together to develop theme?

Be sure that for tomorrow you have fully answered the three questions. Remember, for the third question, limit yourself to 3 or 4 devices. It is imperative that you are able to articulate how the devices develop theme. Write that out! Be informed and thoughtful.

4. The first draft of your confessional poem is due next Monday, 9/30 (Tuesday, 10/1 for 10G).

5. Thesis statements (short story essay) are due next Monday, 9/30 as well (Tuesday, 10/1 for 10G).

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