Reminder English 10

Hello folks, tomorrow you should bring in your two thesis statements and the process for both theses. I will collect and grade ONE of the two theses (you will choose which of the two I should grade). The writing process for both theses will be graded.

Also, in the spirit of giving thanks, a couple of Thank Yous…

Thank you to the students of 10H who volunteered to help me return graded work. You returned so much in mere minutes. Thank you…it’s the little things that I remember and appreciate. That’s how my mama “reared” me. 🙂

Thank you to 10G for stepping up to the challenge and helped G.M. with his plea and for helping E.H. with her thesis. That was one hell of a collective effort.

Thank you to the students who patiently waited for their tutoring session (I think we were still going after 4:30) and when it was finally your turn, you rocked the positive vibe and were simply great!

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