HW10 due 4/8 (4/9 for 10G): Comparative Prep and More

1. Ivan Ilyich Essay (Writing Workshop)–Evaluate the essay’s introduction. The introduction should be necessary to the essay. It should help lay the foundation upon which the argument is built. So, evaluate this introduction with these thoughts in mind.
2. Ivan Ilyich and Siddhartha (1-2 pages)–In your notebook, list off and discuss the ways these two novels are thematically similar. Go into detail here. Meaning, don’t merely state that the two novels explore the role of love. Identify similarities and differences in the two authors’ treatment of the theme of Love. How do the authors treat the subject of materialism? Etc… The nuance and control lies in how you see the treatment of similar subjects/themes.
3. How to Write a Comparative Analysis–Print this out, Read it, and put it in your binder.
4. Existentialism is a Humanism–(You are not reading this essay for tomorrow but you must bring it in to class tomorrow!) This reading sets us up for the last two plays of the year. Let it be known that this essay is conceptually/philosophically difficult. Jean Paul Sartre is often the first name to come to mind when one considers Existentialism. His brand of atheistic existentialism so dominates the existential landscape that one forgets that the “first existentialist” Kierkegaard was indeed a theist. Nevertheless, Sartre’s essay most clearly defines the existential mindset. It becomes a fundamental piece of the year’s final unit.   Additionally, his essay establishes some of the tenets of existentialism that are universally applicable.

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