HW10 due 3/6 (3/7 for 10G): Siddhartha

1. Siddhartha–Read and annotate The Awakening (very short reading).  CRITICAL ADDITION: I am compelled to remind you that this novel requires close reading and genuine thoughtfulness to grasp its themes. Skimming and/or train reading will simply lead superficial understanding of some plot developments with no understanding of the heart of the novel. You have been given a foundation (i.e. Jung, Buddhism, etc) upon which you can build an interpretation of the novel. But you must give it thought WHILE reading.  Tonight’s reading (for 10H) is only a few pages, so you should revisit the chapter on Gotama and be sure you are prepared to engage in a meaningful discussion of this novel! I will say nothing more, but this unit is too important. I expect you to be at your analytical best!
2. Research and take notes on The Mandala. Be sure to visit this link to get a sense of the process of making a mandala. This is the beginning step of the Mandala Project! More to come…


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