Due 9/12 (9/13 for 10G): In-Class Writing Assignment

Most of you have registered successfully and posted on the class forum! Good start! Those of you who have not, be sure to do it today. If you are having problems, email me at sleon@beaconschool.org.

10F, you should have completed the following in class today (10G, you will do this tomorrow).

Day 2: In-Class Assignment Prep

For the following, feel free to use your book and any notes you may have taken. Do not use someone else’s work for this assignment. What you complete in class today will be left with the substitute teacher at the end of the period. You are not expected to address the following in paragraph form. You are merely gathering ideas. For each of the following, use evidence when appropriate:

  • List and briefly discuss two of the primary themes in the novella.
  • Describe the narrator
  • List off conflicts in the novella
  • How is conflict related to a discussion of the title?
  • What is the setting? What are the narrator’s general thoughts on the setting?
  • How do the photos help to enhance or detract from the narrative?

HW: Be ready for in-class writing assignment! (10G, your in-class writing assignment will be Wednesday.)

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