HW12G due 2/26: If We Must Die

1. Villanelle–Your typed copies are due tomorrow! Meet the base technical/structural requirements of the villanelle and you are golden!
2. Confessional Poem–Typed copy due on Friday!

Additionally, for both poems I would like to see you practice with some of the elements of poetry we have discussed in class: alliteration, assonance, consonance, caesura, end stop, enjambment. Further, poetry is a celebration of the “painterly” nature of writing using image and various tropes (i.e. metaphor, symbolism, etc). Let’s see that as well in your poetry…

Heading (upper left hand corner):
Sean Leon (of course you will use your name…)
Poetry Seminar (we do not have to use Leon 12G because I only have one poetry class)

3. Explication Practice–Using the set of explication questions, decide which ones are relevant to a discussion of McKay’s If We Must Die then answer them! You are not actually writing an explication yet!
4. Group Presentations–Tomorrow, each group is expected to list their top three schools! Tonight, ensure you are in a position tomorrow to make informed choices.

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