HW12C due 3/27: Nietzsche

Remember, the ultimate goal of this course is to create a thematic tapestry reflecting the human condition of the Western world since the Industrial Revolution.  Keep that in mind as we read the fiction of the course and consider how the fiction may reflect the philosophical principles explored throughout the course.  Ultimately, your PBA amounts to a literary analysis through an existential/psychoanalytical lens.  It is imperative that you have a keen understanding of both the literature and the philosophy to create a happy marriage at the end (your PBA).  So, consider how the philosophy of  the course may work (often in concert) to shape our literary conclusions.

1. The Stranger Essay (UPDATED DEADLINES) Be prepared to work on your first draft in class tomorrow!

First Draft due THURSDAY, MARCH 26th
Final Draft due MONDAY, MARCH 30th
3 page literary/philosophical analysis of The Stranger. You are expected to use The Myth of Sisyphus as a complement to your analysis of The Stranger.  Consider: How does Camus use Meursault and his struggle to illustrate his commentary on the human condition/absurdity? While this is an essay focused on The Stranger, you are expected to use The Myth of Sisyphus to help shape your argument. So, consider: How does Sisyphus help us to understand Camus’ philosophy as communicated through Meursault?  IMPORTANT: While Sisyphus is used to give some form to the discussion (i.e. helping to shape the thesis), the discussion is focused on exploring Camus’ message and how he develops that message. While not necessary, I would encourage you to research Camus further to give you further context.  Folks, I expect this essay to demonstrate great thematic/philosophical control of  both texts.  Waiting till the night before is probably not a good idea.  Your reading responses and annotations should prove to be quite beneficial here.  This should be typed in font size 12 (times new roman  or arial).  You should have a title!!!  The title should reflect your thesis.  If you have any questions, please email me.

2.  Friedrich Nietzsche: (The Nietzsche reading is now due Friday!) Print, read and annotate the following sections: Middle, Later, and Final Writings.  Again, this printout should be placed in your binder…
3. Thus Spoke Zarathustra–(Also due Friday) Read and annotate this excerpt from Nietzsche’s Zarathustra. The reading is located in the packet. 

4. (Due Monday, March 30th) Carl Jung(Print, Read, and Annotate)–Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf is the manifestation of Jungian influence (as well as Nietzsche among other influences), so it is imperative that you be familiar with Carl Jung. In the reading focus on the following: collective unconscious, anima/animus, mother archetype, shadow, complex, ego, self, persona. As we read Steppenwolf, you will be expected to make connections to Carl Jung.
3. Steppenwolf–If you are interested in purchasing your own copy of Steppenwolf, here is a link to the version used in class. 

Word to the wise: Stay on top of the reading so as not to fall behind… If you fall behind here, recovery becomes a near impossibility.

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