HW12 due 6/10: PBA Presentation

1. PBA presentations–Expectations for your 30-minute panel presentation:

Each presentation will consist of three 10-minute blocks. Each student is responsible for a BRIEF 2 minute introduction. During this time you MUST establish your context and highlight your thesis (and include any other information that we may need before we move ahead. This might include a point not mentioned in your essay.).

As for us, all questions will be born out of your context paper and the accompanying bibliography.  If you cite it, expect that we may question you on it.  The second assessor’s primary responsibility will be to tap into your knowledge of the context.  So, again, be prepared!  Know your sources!  Know the rationale for bringing them together.  Good luck!

As the reader, during the presentation it is your responsibility to ask questions and engage in a discussion that reflects a close reading of the essay. When preparing:

  • Ask questions if you disagree with an assertion.
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand how the philosopher/psychoanalyst is being used.
  • Ask questions about the application of the literary criticism.
  • Ask questions about the development of the thesis.
  • Ask questions to give the student an opportunity to demonstrate greater depth of control of Steppenwolf and/or context sources.
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand how the evidence is being used.
  • Present counter arguments.
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