HW10 due 9/11: In-Class Writing Assignment

1. Tomorrow you will have your in-class base writing assignment on The Circle. At this point you know you will have to write three paragraphs. You WILL NOT have to write a complete essay. The three paragraphs can be three independent paragraphs or your three paragraphs can be connected to one another. That is up to you.

Tonight, you should identify the three points of analysis that you will represent the subject of each paragraph (i.e. symbolism of _____, characterization of ______, etc.).  Just as we did today in class with the poem, “Reflections…”  For instance, three possible points of analysis from the poem:

1. Symbolism of the jar
2. The tone of the poem (an analysis of language)
3. The bites as a metaphor

Continuing with the example above: In each paragraph I would analyze the authors use of the device. It would be a mistake to begin a paragraph with “John Tobias uses the jar as a symbol.” You should know that that is merely an observation. It lacks an opinion. A more appropriate topic might be “John Tobias uses the jar to symbolize man’s desperate attempts to reclaim the innocence of childhood.” This has both observation and opinion.  Naturally then, I will have to support and develop my topic in that paragraph. You will be expected to have at least one quote per body paragraph.  Again, this is just an example. Tomorrow’s writing assessment is on The Circle, not the poem.

You should bring in your three points of analysis tomorrow. ONLY the three points of analysis. Do not bring in paragraphs prewritten… Bring in your copy of The Circle and any notes/annotations you may taken.

2. Literary Terms–Print this out and place it in your binder.

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