HW10 due 5/18: PBA Prep (10E and 10H Only)

1. You must use three sources in your PBA essay!

  • A novel/short story read this year
  • Existentialism is a Humanism
  • Tolstoy Primary/Secondary Source

This weekend choose at least two (try three if you can) of the subjects below that work together to make a larger commentary on the human condition. For instance: I might choose Inner Life vs Outer Life, Propriety/Bourgeois Society, God, and The Meaningful Life. Then, in your notebook discuss how you see them working together.

  • Death
  • Propriety/Bourgeois Society
  • Morality
  • God
  • Love (Really, this one is developed by the end of the novella)
  • Inner Life vs Outer Life
  • Power/Control
  • Pleasant/Proper
  • The Meaningful Life

Then, still working with the combo from above, choose a novel/short story from this year’s reading that connects and explain that connection. Next, connect Existentialism is a Humanism to your combination. Finally, begin your Tolstoy research! You are trying to find a primary/secondary source on Tolstoy that is relevant to your chosen thematic/philosophical combination.

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