HW10 due 3/23: Siddhartha, Mandala, and Essay Assessment

1. Siddhartha–Read and annotate Amongst the People.
2. Essay Assessment–Thoroughly and meticulously grade the essay distributed today. Remember, score each category of the rubric. Total score out of 20! You should be prepared to rationalize your score.
3. Mandala blueprint due! This can be a pen and/or pencil rendering of how you envision the final mandala to be! There are exemplar mandalas on the bulletin board in the back of the room. 

The Final Mandala (not the blueprint) will be worth 100 points and count as a project/essay grade. Keep in mind (Again, the following applies to the FINAL MANDALA):

  • Your base structure of your mandala should be a series of geometric shapes. The primary, and largest, shape must be a geometric shape.  Within there must be an arrangement of smaller geometric shapes.
  • All geometric shapes must be PRECISE. The craftsmanship in general should be precise.
  • The Mandala should use colors meaningfully. Meaning, you should be able to explain why you chose the colors you chose.
  • All visuals beyond the base structure should be purposeful and powerful. Meaning, there should be a rationale for everything present in your Mandala and that rationale should be of great significance to you. Further, the images should be aesthetically pleasing in presentation.
  • The Mandala should reflect great creative effort!
  • The Mandala should reflect great overall effort!
  • The Mandala should reflect you!


Hello all! In the spirit of Siddhartha (and being even more present in our lives and abstaining from elements of the physical world) we begin our e-media fast today at 5pm. Don’t fret though as in a few short days you can return to our e-world. The fast will be lifted at 7am Monday morning.

Here are the official ground rules for the seventh annual E-Media Fast. Starting Thursday at 5:00 PM the challenge begins. The fast will end Monday morning at 7am. You will not enjoy the “benefits” of the following:
• Television
• Radio
• Computer
• Internet
• Ipod (or any music player)
• Any handheld computer
• Game consoles (xbox, xbox360, Atari 2600, Pong, PS2, Intellivision, ColecoVision, etc.)
• Portable game players
• Cell phones (You may only use your cell phone to talk to your parents—anyone else and you have failed the challenge.)


You may access the computer to take care of all school-related responsibilities.

We are playing by the HONOR CODE. I am operating under the assumption that all of you will be truthful throughout this experience.

I expect everyone to give this challenge a shot. No opting out…

Really guys, have fun with this. Let’s try and get back to reading books, writing, engaging in outdoor activities, talking to each other…If only for a little while:(. The TV, Internet, video games, etc. will still be there waiting on Monday.


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