HW10 due 2/3: Slaughterhouse Five

1. Satire/Parody Term Final (DUE 2/5): Remember, in addition to the visual element (i.e. film), you must also turn in a written component (i.e. script). If you are making a book then the written component would be the text within your book.
The following will be considered when assessing the satire/parody project:

* Project’s visual impact (The visual should be aesthetically pleasing…more simply, it should look amazing). Many of you are making films! Be thoughtful/creative in how you compose each shot and how you edit the film.
* The project should demonstrate control of satire and/or parody.
* Project is thoughtful. Beyond the visual element, the written element should also reflect great thought on subject and form.
* Project is well-designed/executed.
* Project reflects exceptional effort. This one is very important as I (and my fellow assessors) expect to see a project that “took time and effort” to complete.
* All projects are expected to employ irony as one of the primary figurative elements to carry the project’s purpose/message. Be thoughtfully/creatively ironic!

2. Slaughterhouse Five—Complete the novel! You know that this week you will have to decide between 1984 and SH5 for your next essay. With that in mind, I want you to focus on evidence for SH5. Choose three pieces of evidence! Each quotation should relate to a different device/element. Then, you should explain how the three quotations can be used together to illustrate a greater point to be made about the novel.

3. Class Vocab–Print out and have in class on Tuesday.

4. The Alchemist–This is the translation of The Alchemist that we will use if you are interested in buying your own copy.

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