HW due 3/1: The Alchemist and More

1. The Alchemist–Read and annotate up to p. 79 (stop at “And I’d better read your books,” said the boy. As for annotations, keep in mind how Coelho adds layers of meaning to Santiago’s tale (i.e. He introduces The Englishman! How does this character and what he might represent add to the themes of the novel up to this point. While he may introduce a new layer, he definitely connects to points already developed.).

2. Final drafts are now due on Thursday, Mar. 3rd for 10C and Friday, Mar. 4th. Students of 10C, if you took your peer’s essay home, you should finish the editing tonight.

3. Class Forum–Post your essay on the class forum.

4. Class Vocab–Print out and bring to class!

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