HW due 12/8: Steppenwolf Presentations

Continue preparing for tomorrow’s student-led presentations on The Magic Theater!

Steppenwolf: The Magic Theater

  • Through analysis of Hesse’s Magic Theater you should be able to draw psychological/thematic conclusions related to Harry’s journey toward individuation. You should make Jungian connections!!!
  • Additionally, you are to help one another prepare for presentations/lectures later in the week and ultimately for the term final essay in January.

By the end of this period you should have finalized a formal/organized lecture on your assigned room. This should include:

  • Objective: What should we know by the end of the lecture?
  • Detailed outline of how you will illustrate/illuminate your objective. (This absolutely must include textual evidence. Additionally, you should make explicit connections to other stages of his journey.)

Guidance (Keep the following in mind):

* Pablo welcomes Harry to the Magic Theater! (175) Consider the significance of his role.

  • “It is the world of your own soul that you seek.” (175)
  • Behind each door exactly what you seek awaits you. (176)
  • You will introduce yourself to it (the theater) by means of a trifling suicide. (177)

The Rooms:

  1. Jolly Hunting: Great Hunt in Automobiles (180-190)
  2. Guidance in the Building up of the Personality (191-194)
  3. Marvelous Taming of the Steppenwolf (194-196)
  4. All Girls are Yours (197-203)
  5. How One Kills for Love (203-208)

Finally, in preparation for your presentation, consider:

  • The Objective
  • The specific experiences of your assigned room
  • What do those experiences suggest about Harry’s state of mind (emotionally, mentally, etc.)?
  • Where is Jung in all of this?
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