HW due 10/19: The Stranger

1. The Stranger–Read and annotate Chapters 1-3 of Part II. Keep in mind, the novel is a philosophical vehicle for Camus’ philosophy of the absurd.

2.  Advance notice: THE STRANGER ESSAY
First Draft due Tuesday, Oct. 26 (YOU MUST INCLUDE A WORKS CITED PAGE)
Final Draft due Thursday, Oct. 29
3 page literary/philosophical analysis of The Stranger. You are expected to use The Myth of Sisyphus as a complement to your discussion.  How does Sisyphus help us to understand Camus’ philosophy as communicated through Meursault?  IMPORTANT: While Sisyphus is used to give some form to the discussion (i.e. helping to shape the thesis), the discussion is focused on analysis of The Stranger.  While not necessary, I would encourage you to research Camus further to give you further context.  Folks, I expect this essay to demonstrate great thematic/philosophical control of  both texts.  Waiting till the night before is probably not a good idea.  Your reading responses and annotations should prove to be quite beneficial here.  This should be typed in font size 12 (times new roman  or arial).  You should have a title!!!  The title should reflect your thesis.

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