Due 9/22 (9/23 for 10B): Second Topic

Extra Credit Opportunity: If you are willing to submit your two topic sentences for whole-group critique, email both topics to me.

Tonight, you will write a topic sentence to complement the one you submitted on the class forum. For example:

In “Because I Could Not Stop For Death”, Dickinson uses the personification of death to contrast the common belief that death is simply a physical process, and not a state of being.

This student would have to think of a point of discussion that would either logically precede or follow the above topic. So, the student above argues that personifying death establishes death as a state of being as opposed to merely a physical process.  An idea for a follow up paragraph: The personification of death is complemented by meditative images of the speaker’s life. Seems this imagery, so gentle in nature, captures the peace with which the speaker accepts her death, this state of being. This acceptance has allowed her to live fully. Of course, I would have to turn the above idea into one concise topic sentence. The idea here is that you would have two topic sentences representing two paragraphs working together.

Please have both topic sentences typed (on one page) and ready for class tomorrow.

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