Due 12/20: 1984 Thesis Prep

1. 1984 Thesis Prep–(Prep for a thesis that would lead to a 4 page analysis of the novel) Tonight, identify a minimum of three devices that work together to some end (that end would be your argument).

So, you may decide that there is a meaningful relationship between dreams (motif), morality (theme), and dehumanization (theme). Then, gather 3 pieces of evidence related to each one (Choose thoughtfully, of course). Finally, explain HOW these three (based upon your chosen evidence) work together to create an argument. Again, be thorough and thoughtful.

2. (Due 12/21) Kurt Vonnegut–Research and take notes on our next author in your notebook (up to one page). For this novel, it is imperative to know about Vonnegut’s military experience, his religious beliefs, and his views on humanism. Also, research fatalism, determinism, and free will.

If you are going to buy your own copy, buy this one! 🙂

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