Due 12/13: 1984

1. 1984–Read and annotate Chapter 1 of Part III. Please keep in mind our discussion of today. Also, feel free to look up socioeconomic/economic equality to inform your opinion a bit. We will discuss Ignorance is Strength before diving into Chapter 1.

2. (Due Thursday!) Art as Social Commentary Project

Remember, your creative projects are due Thursday, Dec. 15th.  Your only limit here is your imagination! Your art should have consciousness and purpose as you create awareness. It should be genuine. Ultimately, I expect that you will elevate and catalyze a dialogue relevant to your subject.

Folks, this is not some casual art assignment that can be done in your journal consisting of a couple of stick figures. If you do this you will receive no credit for the assignment. In grading the visual bit I am expecting to see the product of deep thought (thematic understanding), extraordinary effort, and creative effort.

The following will be considered when assessing these:

Project’s visual impact (The visual should be aesthetically pleasing…more simply, it should look amazing)
The project should be informed by your research. It should reflect knowledge and understanding.
Project is thoughtful (The visual should be so thoughtfully and carefully created so as to carry your commentary/message.)
Project is well-designed/executed
Project reflects exceptional effort.
VERY IMPORTANT: The visual alone should communicate the commentary/message. You should not have to rely on words!

I expect your very best creative work here. Know your creative strengths and weaknesses. If you are not a “natural” artist, improvise… Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. No excuses for mediocrity on this assignment. Ultimately, produce a project that you will be proud to share with the class.

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