Due 10/18: The Bell Jar

1. The Bell Jar–Read and annotate Chapters 9 and 10. Tomorrow, we will continue to discuss Buddy in connection with the weekend’s reading as well as a focus on Esther’s developing psychology. Focus your annotations on these subjects. Most of the period will be dedicated to a discussion of the novel!

2. Class Forum–10H, you must post your thesis and topic sentences by midnight tonight.

3. Class Forum–I love…no really, I LOVE spotify! Moving ahead, as we get deeper into the writing process gearing up for our first essay on The Bell Jar, we will have longer workshop/editing sessions in class. At times, I will play music as we work. So…I will build class playlists for these times. Post one song (song title and artist) that you would like to add to the playlist. Ideally, one of your favorite songs OF ALL TIME! This is totally optional so no worries if you do not post.

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