Due 10/13: Thesis Posting

1. The Yellow Wallpaper–Post your thesis on the class forum. Keep in mind:

We need to consider how multiple devices/elements work in concert to create greater meaning and lead to your argument.  An analysis of the use of symbolism is great and critical to a discussion of The Yellow Wallpaper as a whole, but you demonstrate greater mastery of the short story if you are able to discuss how multiple devices/elements work together to develop theme. Note: Your argument does not have to be a thematic statement. This is only a reference to the template presented in class.

For instance, one could argue that the theme of this story is only revealed once one explores how Gillman uses the symbolism of the house to inform/affect Jane’s evolving internal conflict. Here, we would see a student demonstrating control over how a device interacts with an element.

Or, one could suggest that the evolution of the narrator’s perception of the wallpaper illustrates (one point of analysis (shout out JG) fleshed out in depth revealing the nuance of its use in the short story) the effects of patriarchy on the nuclear family. This is just an idea that could lead to a thesis. In the actual thesis statement, you would not use language like: “illustrates the effects of” or “comments on” etc. Rather, in the actual thesis, state the effect and state the commentary.

So, based upon the above, a sample thesis  may  be:

Jane’s evolving view of the wallpaper illustrates how the nuclear family inhibits the narrator’s creativity and consequently her identity.

Ultimately, while I am interested in your thesis, I am also interested in seeing your thesis process. So, bring in the process as well Thursday.

Post by midnight on Wednesday! Enjoy your day off tomorrow…

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