Archives for May 12, 2017

Due 5/15: Class Forum and Steppenwolf

1. Class Forum
2. Steppenwolf–Read and annotate up to p. 74 (stop with “Passing by the Library…”)
3. PBA Guidelines

Due 5/15: “PBA Prep” and No Exit

1. No Exit–In preparation for the closing discussion, please discuss:

Jean Paul Sartre relies on the characterization of the three main characters to develop the theme “Hell is–other people.” Just as I said to 10B: If you are of the impression that they all develop the theme similarly, then you’ve missed the nuances of each character. So, in your binder, discuss how each character (Inez, Estelle, Garcin) uniquely contributes to the development of that primary theme–Hell is other people. Cite the text in your discussion of each character. One page…

2. PBA Prep–This weekend begin thinking about which two texts you would like to compare/contrast. That’s it, just give it some thought and be prepared to share the two you are leaning to!