HW10 due 5/1 (5/2 for 10G): No Exit

1. No Exit–Complete the play
2. Goodreads

HW10 due 4/30 (5/1 for 10G): No Exit

1. No Exit—Read up to p. 32 (stop at Estelle’s monologue). Continue to look for connections to Existentialism is a Humanism.

2. Existentialism is a Humanism—Read 10a through 11a (stop at “Let us, for example, examine the two following cases…”). This section details part of his defense against those who fear moral relativity.

HW10 due 4/28 (4/29 for 10G): No Exit

1. No Exit–Read through page 19 (stop after Inez says, “Suppose I try to be your glass?” Extract everything from everything. Keep Sartre’s essay in mind. Additionally, we want to try and make sense of the author’s message. And perhaps more importantly, how does Sartre communicate that message? 

2. Goodreads