HW12 due 3/14: Essay Prep

1. Essay Prep–Today we spent time in pairs looking for the various ways the following texts can be meaningfully connected to Man’s Search for Meaning:

  • That Individual by Søren Kierkegaard
  • The Encounter with Nothingness by William Barrett
  • Existentialism is a Humanism by Jean Paul Sartre
  • On the Suffering of the World by Arthur Schopenhauer
  • On the Vanity of Existence by Arthur Schopenhauer

I expect that you and your partner identified at least two possible connections. Tonight, in your notebook, I want you to discuss in more detail how the chosen philosophical text (i.e. That Individual) helps to shape a discussion of Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. You should do this for two of the connections made in class. This homework assignment should be at least one notebook page in length.

The Trial Essay Process by SK

Thesis: In his novel, The Trial, Kafka utilizes the character of Josef K. to illustrate the consequences that come as a result of following Kierkegaard’s crowd, ultimately revealing Sartre’s belief that a person who follows the crowd lives in bad faith, and in the end, sacrifices his true self.  [Read more…]

Steppenwolf Essay Process by CE

On the Vanity of Existence – Schopenhauer

“The scenes of our life resemble pictures in rough mosaic; they are ineffective from close up, and have to be viewed from a distance if they are to seem beautiful.”  (This would work very well with an analysis of the garden metaphor in the treatise and then its extrapolation throughout the novel.)

  • Haller sees nothing beautiful in life, but as time goes on he’s constantly looking back to his childhood where he wishes he could have been a part of the comfort that the bourgeois provided.
  • When he’s in the magic theater, the man shows him that he can rearrange his life into any form he wants if he’s not content with it. It was only when Haller physically saw his life being molded into different forms did he realize how much power he had to make his life beautiful.
  • Maria and Hermine are two women who helped him begin to see all of the beauty in life. [Read more…]