HW10 due 10/3 (10/4 for 10G)

1. Confessional Poem–Final typed drafts due.  One draft with proper heading (name, date, and class in upper left hand corner…single spaced) and title. Second draft with just the poem and title…NO HEADING.

2. Detailed outlines! DETAILED!

Tomorrow’s class will begin with poetry and end with a writing workshop involving your detailed outlines.

HW10 due 10/1 (10/2 for 10G): The Bell Jar

1. The Bell Jar–Read and annotate Chapter 4! (continue to focus on characterization)

2. Goodreads discussion (The Bell Jar) [Read more…]

HW10 due 9/30 (9/31 for 10G): The Bell Jar

1. The Bell Jar–read and annotate the first three chapters (focus your annotations on Esther’s characterization). [Read more…]

HW10, Due 9/23 (9/24 for 10G): Paragraph and Plath

1. You have written two topic sentences. We have spent time focusing on the observation and the argument in our topic sentences.  This weekend you will choose one of the two topic sentences and develop that paragraph.  This will carry more weight than the topic sentence grade and also be counted as a project/essay grade.  In short, ensure that this paragraph represents your very best work at this point.  [Read more…]