HW12G due 2/12: Confessional Poetry and Poetry Workshop

1. Confessional Poetry–The linked reading is quite brief, yet gives us a sense of the nature of confessional poetry. Read it closely please in preparation for your own confessional poem.  

2. Writing Workshop:

  • In your poetry journal brainstorm subjects for your confessional poem. Broadly, the subject is you of course! But more specifically, what aspect(s) of YOU would you like to share via poetry?
  • Rhyming exercise–Discover as many rhymes as you can for the word girl (masculine rhyme) and for the word martyr (feminine rhyme). Masculine and Feminine rhyme is defined in the fundamentals of poetry handout. Then, wander your house/apt (or anywhere for that matter…just wander) and write down as some of the things that you see, smell, or hear. They can be nouns, processes, actions, or deeds. If you are in a cafe you might write down: smoking, steam, raincoat, sipping, jazz music, etc.  Write at least 10 words! Once you have done that, settle down and see how many rhymes you can come up with for each word.
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