HW12 due 2/27: Precis Outline

1. The Precis on That Individual is due Friday. But Thursday, you must outline the essay meaning identify the thesis of the essay followed by an outline of Kierkegaard’s argument in support of that thesis. Be detailed!

Details on the Precis due Friday! A precis (form both singular and plural, pronounced “pray—see”) is a brief summary of the essential thought of a longer composition.  It attempts to provide a miniature of the original selection, reproducing the same proportions on smaller scale, the same ideas, and the same mood and tone, so far as possible.  The writer of a precis cannot interpret or comment; his or her sole function is to give a reduced photograph of the original author’s exact and essential meaning.

This is an exercise in scholarship/academics.  Again, you are to capture the essence of the source article. Do not inject your opinion.  Beyond the first sentence, you should never again use phrases like: “Kierkegaard says” or “He believes” or any of that ilk. Summarize as if you were summarizing your own work instead. Reference the sample precis for a model. Your precis should not be longer than 2 pages single-spaced. This will be weighed as a project/essay grade so put forth effort and thought (just as you always do).

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