HW12 due 10/15: The Stranger Essay

1. The Stranger Essay–due Tuesday (That includes F band)

General Requirements:

  • 3 pages

General Formatting:

  • Double-spaced; size 12 font; Times New Roman or similar
  • .75 margins on both left and right sides. Justify margin. Indentations– .5” or 1 tab space.
  • No Cover Page.  Include name, date, class/band (English 12C) in the upper left hand corner. Single space this!
  • Be sure TITLE reflects the theme of the essay. (i.e. The Stranger: Meursault, the Absurd Hero)
  • Follow MLA guidelines for in-text citations
  • You are expected to have a bibliography (also, following MLA formatting) on a separate sheet of paper

Avoid the Following:

  • Avoid Pronouns: I, it, you, me, we, us
  • Avoid Troublesome language. DO NOT USE ANY of the following words: it, these, this, those, kind of, almost, seems, maybe, like, then, later, eventually, basically, so, many, a lot, things, due to the fact (or any variations of the fact that), in reality, very, really, forms of the verb “to be”
  • In the intro, nix all book-review commentary—i.e. “is fascinating, interesting…”

Keys to Good Writing:

  • Cohesion—Every sentence fits together; paragraphs flow smoothly.  Ensure that the entire discussion comes together as one unified discussion of your text and its context.
  • Concision—Less is more.  Use fewer words to explain yourself.  Begin fusing sentences by merging ideas into tightly knit phrases.
  • Precision—Accuracy.  Use words that accurately capture what you mean.  Don’t settle for words or expressions that come close.
  • Coherence—Does your essay make sense? Are your ideas organized in a logical sequence? Do you prove your thesis? Do the parts contain the essence of the whole?

2. This week, I am collecting binders and expect to see two distinct sections in your binder per the course syllabus. In one section you should have class notes (reflecting control of class discussions) and any printouts required for the class (i.e. background on philosophers from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). These printouts should not be grouped together; rather, they should flow with your notes.  This means the night you are assigned a philosopher (recently you were assigned one section on Schopenhauer), you should print the material and place it right next to that day’s notes in your binder. The other section should contain ALL of your reading responses.

3. Group Presentations–The first groups (The Individual in Industrialized Society) present on October 25! So, everyone should print out the group presentation guidelines and read them VERY CLOSELY. With the exception of the term’s independent research paper (term final), this project carries the most weight in the course. All groups need to be aware of their presentation date and prepare accordingly. You will receive three grades for the project: One group grade, one grade per individual based on their contribution to the overall presentation, and one precis grade.

4. Note: Now, with my newfangled iPhone app (cool) I am able to better stay on top of classroom management. So, it is important that you know that every time you come to class without your book, or without reading responses, etc., you are held accountable and this is reflected in your participation grade.  On the positive side, you are rewarded for being actively involved and taking risks…rewarded with extra credit. So, if you ever want to see your “student card” in the app, let me know.

5. Nausea by Jean Paul Sartre–We begin this novel this week so if you would like to buy your own copy purchase this translation of Nausea. You can find it at your local Barnes and Noble. I hope some of you can pick up a copy as I am not sure I have enough copies on hand.

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