HW10: The Kite Runner In-Class Writing Assessment


1.  By the end of the week, I expect you to have all supplies in place.

2.  The following sections should be in the front of your binder at all times: Reading List, Policy and Procedure, and Grading Policy

3.  Remember, you will have an in-class writing assessment on The Kite Runner.  You will be given three questions to which you are to respond to each in proper paragraph form, for a total of three independent paragraphs.  If you have read the text, you should be successful!  Use the next couple of days to review the novel.  Assessment Days:

  • H band–Thursday
  • G band–Friday

4.  Soon, I will post links to the first two short stories of the term.  I will send a mass email once that is available on the site.

5.  Have a wonderful evening!

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