HW10 due 9/30 (9/31 for 10G): The Bell Jar

1. The Bell Jar–read and annotate the first three chapters (focus your annotations on Esther’s characterization).

2. Confessional Poems: First drafts are due.  Requirements:

  • Honest and Authentic
  • Free verse if fine
  • You must use stanzaic form
  • You must employ “painterly language” and literary devices throughout (i.e. vivid imagery, metaphor, symbolism, motifs, etc)

3. Thesis statement: You may choose to use one of the short stories or one of the poems for your 2 page essay.  This thesis should follow the formula we have been using:

  • What subject/topic is the author exploring?
  • What is the author’s commentary on that subject (the theme)?
  • How do you know that? (What devices develop that theme? How do those devices work together?)

Remember, bullet two plus bullet three equals your thematic thesis.

4. Let me stress, it is not wise by  any means to miss a homework assignment, ESPECIALLY ONE THAT SIMPLY REQUIRES YOU TO PASTE YOUR PARAGRAPH INTO A GOODREADS THREAD.

5. You should have five words in your vocab section now!


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