HW10 due 3/17 (3/18 for 10G): Siddhartha and Mandala Project

1. Siddhartha–Read and annotate “The Ferryman” and “The Son”
2. You have a setting for your allegory! Who are the characters? From what point of view will the story be told? What is the plot line? What is the primary conflict? In as much detail as possible, the questions should be answered by MONDAY. (TUESDAY for 10G)
3. Final Mandala due Monday, March 24th!
4. Allegory 1st draft due Thursday, March 20th. Final draft of the Allegory now due Wednesday, March 26th. More details to come tomorrow.

Here we are at the end of another week of school! 2 1/2 months of class to go!

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