HW10 due 3/13 (3/14 for 10G): Siddhartha, Six Word Memoir, and Blueprint

1. Siddhartha–Read and annotate “By the River”
2. Six Word Memoir–YOUR LIFE IN SIX WORDS. Complete these on the sentence strips passed out today in class. Write the Six Word Memoir on the single-lined side of the sentence strip.  Please be thoughtful, authentic, and pithy! I am looking forward to these. Also, be NEAT! And personalize/decorate the strip to your heart’s content (and for extra credit).
3. Mandala blueprint due Tomorrow. (Friday for 10G)

4. You have a setting for your allegory! Who are the characters? What is the plot line? What is the primary conflict? In as much detail as possible, the questions should be answered by MONDAY. (TUESDAY for 10G)

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