HW10 due 11/6 (11/7 for 10G): 1984

1. 1984–Read and annotate the first Three chapters of Part Two.  At this point I want you to have a method for your annotations. Meaning, what is your focal point? Identifying a focal point will help you provide some direction to your annotations. Keep in mind though, you should always mark new words (speaking of new words, your personal vocab should be at 35 words by the end of this week). Remember to define nazism, fascism, and communism and identify a common thread among them.
2. Art Project–Your subjects are chosen! As for the precis turned in today, STOP LOOKING FOR THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE. This is the first major project of the second quarter. Most of you turned in precis that were about a quarter of a page in length which suggests that your source was one page long. Folks, that is not good enough. So you are off to a less than impressive start! Your sources are supposed to give you a more credible, informed perspective. Choose your sources wisely… And remember, the general rule of thumb is for every four pages, your precis should be one single-spaced typed page.   Due dates:

  • Nov. 4–Two sources with precis for each source.
  • Nov. 7–Final three sources with precis for each source. (Total of five sources and five précis)
  • Nov. 12–”Blueprint” for your art project. The blueprint is essentially a sketch of your art project.
  • Nov. 18–Final Art as Social Commentary project due!
    * All stages of this project will be graded and count toward the project/essay grade. The final project itself will count for 300 total points. Be sure you also read the project description sheet very closely!
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