HW10 due 11/4 (11/6 for 10G): 1984 and Art Project

1. 1984–Read and annotate Chapters VII and VIII.
2. Art Project–Over the weekend you are expected to choose your subject. As I stressed in class, choose a subject you genuinely care about. You are then expected to choose two of your five sources over the weekend and write a precis for each source. Print out and read the precis expectations. You should have the precis printout in your binder as with all printouts. Let me stress, read the precis guidelines very closely. By the end of the week next week, you will have completed your research with all five sources and five accompanying precis. Budget your time wisely. So, due dates:

  • Nov. 4–Two sources with precis for each source.
  • Nov. 7–Final three sources with precis for each source. (Total of five sources and five précis)
  • Nov. 12–“Blueprint” for your art project. The blueprint is essentially a sketch of your art project.
  • Nov. 18–Final Art as Social Commentary project due!
    * All stages of this project will be graded and count toward the project/essay grade. The final project itself will count for 300 total points. Be sure you also read the project description sheet very closely!
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