HW10 due 10/9: Essay First Draft

1. First drafts are due Wednesday! Some food for thought:

General Requirements:

  • 2 pages

General Formatting:

  • Double-spaced; size 12 font; Times New Roman or similar
  • .75 margins on both left and right sides. Justify margin. Indentations– .5” or 1 tab space.
  • No Cover Page.  Include name, date, class/band (English 10H) in the upper left hand corner. Single space this!
  • Be sure TITLE reflects the theme of the essay
  • Follow MLA guidelines for citations

Avoid the Following:

  • Avoid Pronouns: I, it, you, me, we, us
  • Avoid Troublesome language. DO NOT USE ANY of the following words: it, these, this, those, kind of, almost, seems, maybe, like, then, later, eventually, basically, so, many, a lot, things, due to the fact (or any variations of the fact that), in reality, very, really, forms of the verb “to be”
  • In the intro, nix all book-review commentary—i.e. “is fascinating, interesting…”

Keys to Good Writing:

  • Cohesion—Every sentence fits together; paragraphs flow smoothly.  Ensure that the entire discussion comes together as one unified discussion of your text and its context.
  • Concision—Less is more.  Use fewer words to explain yourself.  Begin fusing sentences by merging ideas into tightly knit phrases.
  • Precision—Accuracy.  Use words that accurately capture what you mean.  Don’t settle for words or expressions that come close.
  • Coherence—Does your essay make sense? Are your ideas organized in a logical sequence? Do you prove your thesis? Do the parts contain the essence of the whole?

2. Be prepared to discuss The Bell Jar tomorrow weaving your forum response into our discussion. We plan to place the story in its historical context by using Simone de Beauvoir as our springboard. I expect to hear great control of the text.


4. REMINDER: BE SURE YOU MEET THE REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL FORUM POSTS. Some of you are losing points because you are not meeting those requirements. For instance, a few of you lost points on the vocab posting because you did not follow the formatting of my first post.  Also, the sentences that you include should be YOUR OWN sentences. I want to see that you have control of the word.

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