HW due 3/2: Villanelles

1. Read and annotate the four villanelles!
2. Villanelle–Remember, this is a fixed form poem! While you will see in tonight’s readings at least one of the villanelles deviates slightly from the traditional villanelle form, your villanelle should mirror Dylan Thomas’. It should be typed. You must closely follow the form requirements of the villanelle. Including:

  • 19 lines of verse (5 tercets and 1 quatrain)
  • Rhyme scheme
  • Set number of syllables/beats per line (you choose a number and stick to it)
  • Don’t forget the refrains! The fist and third line of verse repeat throughout and follow a specific pattern.

Use proper heading:

Sean Leon (your name of course)
Poetry Seminar
#3: Villanelle

3. Be sure to turn in your 30-word poem tomorrow if you haven’t done so already.

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