Extra Credit Opportunity (10 points)

UPDATE #2: All 32 spots have been filled! Well done!
UPDATE: There are still 7 extra credit spots open. Three of you have not completed the process to earn the extra credit. Remember, you have to install the app and sign in to the app.

This extra credit opportunity is open to all four classes. The first 32 students to sign up and log in with dropbox will receive the 10 points to be applied where most needed (i.e. projects/essays, quizzes, etc.).  So, you get extra credit and cloud storage and I get more dropbox storage space. It’s a win win! You must follow the directions below to earn the points:

First, follow THIS registration link to dropbox: https://db.tt/7IjfmBj4


  • Install the desktop app on a computer
  • Sign in to the app with the account

Note: You need to install the Dropbox desktop app on a computer and sign in to the app in order for me to get the extra space and for you to get the extra credit. Installing only the Dropbox mobile app on a phone or tablet will not qualify. As soon as you complete the steps, email me (sleon@beaconschool.org) and I will cross check dropbox to confirm. Again, this extra credit is good for the first 32 students! There may be another opportunity in the last week of the term! Hope you are well…

Sean Leon

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