Due 6/12: PBA Final Draft!

1. PBA–Final Draft due Monday. Click here for guidelines on how to cite poetry.

Ultimately, your PBA will include (in this order):

Cover Sheet–In the center of the page (horizontally and vertically):

Your Name
Poetry Seminar

A Poet Study on
Your Poet’s Name

A 1-2 page mini-bio of your poet.

A 5-7 page essay that introduces and analyzes the work of your poet, including a strong claim (a thesis) about your poet and his/her work. In this analysis you should demonstrate great control of your poet’s work. Finally, your discussion must be complemented by 3 primary or secondary sources (critical/analytical in nature).

The 10 poems (untouched) chosen for this project.

Two original poems mirroring your poet’s style.


As an appendix: Annotated copies of the ten poems chosen for this project.


  1. Start numbering with the second page and number through the two original poems.
  2. Quote at least six of the ten poems in your essay.
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