Due 11/15: Butterflies and Gratitude

1. Butterflies–Read and annotate up to  p. 74. On Wednesday, I would like to hear what you’ve annotated and why. Also, there will be a reading quiz Wednesday (Don’t fret! If you read, it will be insultingly easy!)

2. Gratitude Letters!!! Yes, in the spirit of being thankful, please write (handwritten preferably) a letter to someone for whom you are grateful. Thank them and let them know why you are thankful. Be heartfelt. Write your name at the bottom of the letter (Or somewhere on the letter). This letter should be addressed to an adult in the building. Fold the letter in thirds (or put it in an envelope) and write the recipient’s name on the outside (include position here at Lusher).

3. Note: Everyone should have edited a peer’s work (i.e. detailed outline). Even if absent, it is your responsibility to ensure that you edit someone’s outline or paragraph.

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