HW10 due 11/12: 1984 and More…

1. 1984–Read and annotate through p. 184. At this point, your annotating should be more focused. You must decide the controlling focus. For instance, you can track (or continue to track) how Orwell develops the subject of dehumanization, or how Orwell uses Julie’s character and why he uses her that way, or how Orwell manipulates the development of Winston’s character and why, etc.  Remember, we ultimately will write an essay on 1984 so begin the intellectual preparation now.  Additionally, in this weekend’s reading pay attention to the paperweight, O’Brien, dreams, and confessions/feelings (among other things).
2. Art as Social Commentary–All five précis are due on Tuesday. You also must bring in a printed copy of the source for each précis (do not give me a link).  Unless you I have spoken to you individually, all précis should be at least approximately one page in length (to alleviate length concerns). Per class today, the ultimate art project is not meant to be merely a reflection of your default view of an issue; it is meant to represent your INFORMED view of the issue.  So, I cannot stress enough choose your sources with the intention of becoming as informed as you can be on the issue. USE CREDIBLE SOURCES (If in doubt, email me).  As for the Heading, use the norm (SINGLE SPACED AND IN THE UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER):

Name (Sean Leon)
Class Name (English 10G)
Date (11/12/13)

Title should follow the following format (With no special treatment to the font other than italicizing the source title):

A Precis of (Source title)

As for the blueprint, this has been changed: Now, simply bring in a short (few sentences) blurb showing that you have a vision for the creative project. The Art Project will carry more weight than any essay except for your PBA essay, so be sure in the end you produce something that meets the expectations. The following will be considered when assessing these:

1. Project’s visual impact (The visual should be aesthetically pleasing…more simply, it should look amazing)
2. The project should be informed by your research. It should reflect knowledge and understanding.
3. Project is thoughtful (The visual should be so thoughtfully and carefully created so as to carry your commentary/message.)
4. Project is well-designed/executed
5. Project reflects exceptional effort.

VERY IMPORTANT: The visual alone should communicate the commentary/message. In the end produce something that you are proud of!
3. Print out Class Vocab #2 and place it in your binder.
4. On a side note and a personal one, it was wonderful meeting so many of your parents and I am so thankful for the appreciation that many of you expressed to me in the last two days. You rock! Thank you… So, in your honor I will post one of my new favorite songs in the Sophomore sidebar. Give it a listen…


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