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Due 11/13: 1984

PRECIS TOMORROW BY 4PM. Must be typed! Also, be sure to leave your copy of Politics and the English Language with me as well (This does not apply to those of you who are happy with your annotation grade.)

1. 1984–Read and annotate Chapter 6-9 (Stop on p. 184 just before Goldstein’s Book).

Due 11/13: WAYG Paragraph and Butterflies

1. WAYG Paragraph–This paragraph will be evaluated using the same questions we used in class. I will also consider grammar and style when grading (pay attention to use of “to be” verbs). You are expected to turn in your outline as well. Format for paragraph:

  • Typed
  • Double spaced
  • Arial, Cambria, Times New Roman (or equivalent) font style
  • Use proper MLA in text citations. See sample paragraph discussed in class today (with the exception of the last quote). No comma between author’s last name and page number.
  • Include a title that reflects the theme of the paragraph (i.e. A paragraph focusing on music may have the following title: Music and the Loss of Innocence). With that title, I already have a sense of what the paragraph is about.
  • Heading should go in upper left corner and be single spaced. Heading:

Your Name
English 1B

2. You are turning in your copy of Where are You Going, Where Have you Been?

3. Butterflies–read and annotate Chapter 3.