The End of Joesph K. by AJ

The End of Joesph K.

The darkness shone the room of wood,
And in the spotlight, Joesph. K stood.
“Joesph K.” The Judge will say
“You are found guity of your crime.”
“But your honor” said K.
“It is not my door that you should knock.
“Take Leni, My Uncle, or even Block.”

“Block is too attractive.” The judge said in reply.
“But I like your effort, good try.”
“Your sentence is,” K listened with adrenaline.
“Fair and just, Death by penguin.”

They flew him past. Across the sea.
Before K. Could file his plea.
K could not believe his luck.
While in Antarctica, his feet were stuck.
And then he saw the black and white,
And knew this would be his last sight.

The penguins attacked, with deadly rage,
Some even flew, despite their age.
They slashed with their long penguin claws
And kicked with their sleek penguin paws.

And there K. Stood, dying in the snow,
Paying for a crime he didn’t know.

Joseph K. Poem by A.J.

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