HW10 due 5/20 (5/21 for 10G): Waiting for Godot

1. Waiting for Godot–Complete the play.
2. Goodreads–This is one of the last responses of the year, so make it a good one (Thoughtfully organized and discussed)
3. PBA–Thesis and evidence due Thursday!

HW10 due 5/19 (5/20 for 10G): Waiting for Godot

1. Waiting for Godot–Read up to p. 87 (stop where Pozzo and Lucky reenter).
2. Goodreads
3. PBA–Remember, thesis statements and supporting evidence due Thursday.
4. English 10H–Vocab Quiz Monday
5. 13 class periods left…
6. In the immortal words of a most wonderful friend of mine, “I doesn’t” (followed by some unintelligible stuff)
7. After 9 months, Stephanie finally gave me a pound. BOOM! Next step,  a handshake…

HW10 due 5/13 (5/14 for 10G): Godot and Lucky’s Monologue

1. Waiting for Godot–Read and annotate through p. 47. This reading concludes with Lucky’s monologue (equally famous and frustrating). Beckett has stated that the threads and themes of the play are being gathered together in the monologue. Don’t write about it…just think about it…–Analyze Lucky’s monologue in search of meaning…yes, you must weed through the nonsense to pick out the substantial… Although, I would argue that even that which is nonsensical is substantial. There is method to the madness that seemingly is his speech. So, really, what is it that he is saying? Think, human condition. Also, consider how the subject of his speech parallels the plight of Vladimir and Estragon. 

Some tips:

  • Define apathia, athambia, and aphasia
  • There are three sections of the monologue. See if you can discern where one ends and another begins. See if you can come up with thematic labels for each part.

2. Vocab quiz on Thursday!
3. The first PBA deadline is 10 days away–Thesis statements w/ evidence.

HW10 (for 10G and H) due 5/7: Waiting for Godot

1. Waiting for Godot–Read and annotate up to p. 11. One final time (last text and all), I challenge you to approach this text with maturity and a keen literary eye in search of thematic understanding…Pay attention to the little things…You will have to read quite closely to discern any meaning…THIS WILL BE YOUR GREATEST CHALLENGE OF THE YEAR!
2. Class Vocabulary–Print out class vocab!
3. Personal Vocab–You should be at 70 words! 



HW10 due 5/5 (5/6 for 10G): Research and Comparative Thesis

1. Samuel Beckett–(1 page) Research and take notes on our last (last, as in the last author we read this year: Samuel Beckett) author.
2. Theater of the Absurd–(1 page) Research and take notes.
3. Sophomore PBA–Print out and read the sophomore PBA guidelines.
4. Goodreads–Post a comparative thesis.